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aerogear airduct install

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Thinking of installing these from the inside, that way there is less shaping to do. has anyone done this and if so, please reply and tell me how you installed the air ducts.

Did u have to remove the rear panels from inside the car? Did u close up the air vents so nothing would get into where speaker is mounted?


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i can help you with a round about how to for the outside because i did mine from the outside but from the inside im just not sure.

IIRC also even if you take off the rear door panels all you have is that one little speaker hole to work thru. to me it just seemed easier from the outside and it wasnt really alot to mold as the fiberglass vents are only about 1/8 - 3/16 thick. you cant even tell mine are built up at all.

let me know if want to attempt it from the outside and i will write up something, and pass along some pictures.

i attached one picture i had saved, it was getting kind of dark on me but you can see the vent somewhat. also mine are positioned closer to the door to allow room for the fender flares in progress now but its at least a decent reference photo for ya.
After you cut the holw in your rear quarter. You use panel bonding adhesive to glue it. It is better if you put it on from the inside. They should fit through the hole.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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