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Well, I finally was able to get the deal I wanted on the Dodge Ram, so the Coug is no more. I managed to get a $30,000 truck and decrease my monthly payments I was still making on the Coug, so I couldn't pass it up. In case anyone is interested, I got an '03 quad cab sport package in graphite grey with the 4.7L V8 (tried for the Hemi, impossible to find in the sport package from last year).

I'll still check in on the boards every now and then, I'd love to come hang out with you guys if there is another meeting in Austin sometime.

Many mods to come on the Ram........


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I'm in the same boat as Dane... Cougar has been sold, and will be heading off to her new owner (NECOer "Brandon" from Indiana) in a few weeks. I plan to stay active in NECO, and would be glad to make some meets down there in TX from time to time, if you don't mind a German hatchback ruining the flow. :)
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