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So I broke the rear ABS sensor the other day on my Cat while fitting the new suspension springs :(

I've had a shocker since trying to get another one :mad:

Although these internet-based groups of car breakers are very useful (and surprisingly quick to respond) I've tried at least four now, and every time after claiming "Yep, we've got lots of those" have then phoned me back saying "Sorry, we tried three and they all broke when we tried to get them off".

Aaaahgggh - I warned at least two of them that the sensor was an absolutely cack design and would snap at the first opportunity, but to no avail. The trouble is that the plastic material swells up over time and the only way to get them out properly is to remove the rear brake disc and GENTLY tap out the sensor from the wheel side of the hub.

The dashboard looks like a circus at the moment. Warning lights all over the place :rolleyes:

Anyone know of anywhere which actually has these already on the shelf to buy? I'm still refusing to pay the Fraud price of £90!


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