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My names Phil and I'm about to move to Tacoma from GA. Interested in meeting people from the area and learning all I can about my car.
I have a 99 cougar, with a drift front and sides, and a custom system. Just don't know to much about engines.


Ps will be getting up there probably in early april

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Hey whats up... I live in Pullman, WA which is right on the Idaho border (about as far away from Tacoma as you can be and still be in the state). Right now I'm going to school in Montana...

For whatever reason, there simply is not very many members from the Seattle/Tacoma area, or in NECO NW in general, and that's always confused me. There are a few up in Vancouver, BC and around the area... I'm sure some will chime in eventually.

As far as general questions about the Cougar and the Duratec (you have the V6 right?), you can get answers from the main forums on here.

Coincidentally, I also moved to WA from Georgia... its quite a drive, but I thought it was really fun/interesting.

Welcome to NECO :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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