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here u go..

How to make you paint job look like it was done by pros

This how to is meant to help people to produce professional quality paint jobs at home

Note: This how to is for accent pieces such as head lights and interior pieces and is not recommended for whole paint jobs.
Note: I am not an expert I just learned from a perfectionist if you think I missed something PM me and I’d be glad to add it.

Items needed:
Primer (to be as similar to that of the main color as possible also if it’s plastic buy the good stuff)
Sand paper (I use 320, 400 and 2000 grit)
Menthol (same as stove alcohol)
Paint (if you don’t have a spray gun just use spray paint)
Clear coat
Roll of paper tower
A smooth clean rag similar to that of car drying rags

When you first get started you’re going to want to sand down the surface to give the paint something to bond to….. For this you can use both the 320 and 400. When using wet/dry sand paper remember that the more water the better but at the same time keep the water at a level that you’re not soaked at the end.

Once you feel that you’ve sanded the surface enough its time to paint, when using a new spray can it is important to shake it a lot before using it. Also it may be smart to spray the first five seconds area to prevent drips (this should not be needed if it is shaken properly) but if drips do happen to end up on the piece don’t worry but it aside let it dry and then sand down the drips with 400 grit.

To spray using a gun or a spray can, technique is everything luckily its simple. When spraying keep at least 8-12 inch’s away from the object when spraying you can either go left to right or up and down but remember that if it has multiple angles you must do this so that every inch is covered.

Once the paint dries the boring yet important part starts, the sanding. When it’s completely dry (1-2 hours after painting to be safe) put it up to a light and look for sections that look like an orange peel …..These sections will look like tiny dimples in the paint, before continuing use the 400 grit sandpaper to get rid of any imperfections.

In between you may want to clean it up using paper towels to see how smooth it is, remember the less orange peel there is the better but don’t sand off the whole coat of paint to smooth it out.

After this you go back and paint it again, the reason you keep painting the primer is that when your all done the surface will reflect what the primer surface so if you do not sand and prep the primer for painting it wont look completely smooth unlike if you were to.

You may need to do this three times depending on how well you sand and how well the
Paint is applied. Once you done sanding and think your ready go over it with the 2000 grit this just make your job easier later on.

Now that the base is sanded its time to clean it, this is very important it prevents fingerprints from appearing in the final coats of paint. This is were you use the a clean cloth to clean the object(s) do not use and fabric cloths that may hold/contain lint (this will not help but hinder)

Painting the final colors will be just like the primer. When you finish the first coat remember to give it more than enough time to dry (if you start sanding to early it will not go smooth because the sand paper will bunk up and start and pull/peal the paint off)

So once it is dry only use the higher i.e. 800 - 2000 grit paper because it’s just to smooth out the little lumps (any large defects should have been fixed during the primer stage)

After the sanding is done you will want to clean it again with the alcohol.

That’s it…….you will paint with the primer at least twice, the main color at least three times, and depending on the piece two to four times with the clean coat……

So once again the most important part in painting is sanding the quality of final finish is only as good as its base coat.

Hope this helps at someone.
If you want to talk you can PM me or email me at [email protected]
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