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99 Wings West Front install?

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Hey everyone, I just acquired at 99 WW front valence and it seems very easy to put on...... but a bit TOO easy....

If anyone knows what it looks like, its just a front valence that fits right up to the stock bumper and has about a foot of double sided tape on the inside of the part right where it would meet up against the bottom of the stock front, right near the wheel well........ (hopefully that made sense)......

MY question is, is it only double sided tape to keep it on..... or should I screw it to my stock front right in the middle of the part? BASICALLY.... will the double sided tape be enough to hold it on?

thnx for any help in advance

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You NEED to bolt it up there to something...:)
I bet some people have just trusted the tape . . . :thumbsup: I know I sure wouldn't :thumbsdn:
my wings west front fits so tight on the front bumper, I probably wouldn't even need the tape! But I put tape on the left and right sides, and two bolts into each fender. Didn't bother putting the bolts on the bottom in the middle.

thank you!!!

just confirming what i thought !
mine has 2 screws in the fenders none in middle
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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