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99-02 Cougar Parts

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I have a bunch of used parts from all years of the Cougars 99-02. If anyone needs anything let me. I’m located in southern PA (Littlestown). I will ship parts at buyers expense and accept PayPal goods and services + PayPal fees.

I also maybe selling parts from a 2001 MTX Yellow Zn if it doesn’t sell soon. Black leather interior. I posted it on Facebook.

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All MTX-75s came with the same open diff, even the ones in the SVT Contours. You have to install your own limited-slip.
Gotcha for some reason i was under the impression that some models came with one.
Do you still have any tail/headlights?
Yes depending on what year your looking for. Just pm me. I’m not on here much. I reply when and if I get a notification. Thanks

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Hey man im looking for a mtx 5speed for a 02 cougar with posi do you have one i could purachse or know of one? Also the 35th ann come with posi correct? Ive been looking for diff rebuild kits and all i can find are ones for non posi
I don’t have a good transmission. Just the one that came out of the 01 Zn. And the Zn sold last year. Thanks

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