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I've got a 95 Contour that I bought with the intention to keep for a while but ended up finding a deal on my CSVT that I couldn't pass up. So, i've got to get rid of the 95 tour...

Car has 145k, V6/5-spd
Probably needs a new O2 sensor (CEL will go on and back off if on the highway for a while but is off upon startup)
All rear trailing arms are bent (Personally i'd heat and bend them back but if you've got a subframe or new arms that works too)
New water pump/thermostat/coolant as of last month
Kenwood/Pioneer front/rear speakers
Old school Alpine CD player (would like to keep but if the buyer really wants it...)
Looking for $450 OBO for the car

EDIT: CAR IS SOLD!!! Mods, lock this up!
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