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I've gotta be honest, after 60mm, I'd think you'd start to lose power due to lost air velocity. With Forced induction, the larger TB would work wonders. But I think 60mm, maybe 65mm would be good, but I'd say stick with the 60mm. Many 6cyl and 4cyl cars lost power, especially low end, when increasing the TB size too high. The V8's work differently, with much of the power coming from the extra displacement, and all low end power. I know many probe owners have seen some gains, and some losses when increasing the TB from 60mm to 65 or 66.5mm (via boring and larger butterfly to match). That's a 2.5L engine too. so watch out.

One thing that confused me was...

<< Then rotate the shaft 180° and slid back in. You'll have to get the spring on right and turn it through 360° in the opposite direction to get the preload on the spring. Then reinsert the butterfly. You will now see that the butterfly open ands closes like before BUT the cam for the throttle cable is upside-down like they have it in the Contour. Finally reinstall the TPS. >>

Does the mustang TB work in the direction ours does? If so then it should be a direct fit, just gotta double the gasket like he did?? Just wondering.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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