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I replied to this in autocross, but I'll put it here too.

For my harness (I only used the 4 points) here is how I mounted it.

First take the driver's seat out. Two bolts in the front and 4 behind it. Disconnect the power adjustments connection.

On the driver's left side, I disconnected the black bar that holds the bottom of the stock seat belt and used that for one side of the lap belt attachment. The eyehole for the mounting bracket was a perfect fit.

On the driver's right side, unscrew the buckle from the seat (mounts to the side of it) and I used that for mounting the other side of the lap belt. That way both of your lap belts use the stock seat belt bolts.

For the shoulder part of the harness, I used the rear left seat shoulder belt bolt to mount the shoulder strap for my harness (its a y-type, so there was only 1 strap towards the back. This more than likely wont work if you have dual shoulder straps. You'll need to use a cross bar or rear strut brace.) I unscrewed the rear shoulder belt bolt and mounted the rear bracket for my harness.

What I ended up with was a harness that used the stock seat belt bolt mountings. This means its legal to use in regular everyday street driving. But I never use the harness for that unless I'm going to be taking a long driver or I'm going to be going on the interstate.

Pics attached below. I'm going to get some more in-depth photos showing exactly how its mounted.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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