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I will be in NC in 4 days. I won't miss the weather here but just got off the phone with my Mom and she said they are expecting 4 inches of snow. Damn the luck. I thought moving out there would rid me of such crap.

The biggest difference between IL and NC is that when it snows here there are salt shakers(slat trucks) everywhere and the roads don't get to bad. The last time I was in NC going back to Fayetteville from Thomasville I hydroplaned into a ditch on 220. I admit, that is the first time I almost pissed my pants when I was totally sober.

I need ideas though. I want to repaint and do some things like take the back wing off and repaint the top1/3 silver. Any of you guys know where I can get it done and at a fair price?

I plan on going with the opposite scheme of Street concepts car.

See how his is black on top. Mine is gonna be silver on top and DT green on the bottom. What do you guys think?

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