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3L owners, please PM me your details and I will add you the registry of 3L owners below. I will need to know your engine configuration (hybrid, straight 3L w/SVT cams, straight 3L, Supercharged 3L w/SVT cams, etc.)

  1. Blackcoog: 3L oval port heads ported intake to match SVT UIM and ported exhaust to match felpro gasket/SVT Cams, 42# injectors, SVT ECU, Apexi SAFC, SVT UIM, SVT LIM, SVT TB, MSDS Headers, Custom 3" exhaust with Magnaflow main muffler and Borla resonators and dual Borla rolled 3" tips, SVT radiator, SVT oil cooler, Fidanza flywheel, Spec 3+ Clutch, Quaife LSD, Updated shift forks, Updated tranny tower, SCT XCal2 with Pro Racer Package, Vortech supercharger kit at 10psi, Megan Racing intercooler, and Apexi BOV.
  2. BigBalledOX: Hybrid 3L w/PNP 2.5L heads/3L Valves/ST220 valve springs/SVT Cams, 19# injectors, SCT Chip, SVT UIM, LIM & TB, MSDS Headers, Custom Y-Pipe w/Magnaflow cat, Trubendz dual exhaust, Performance Designs Underdrive Pulleys, SVT Radiator, Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel
    - Previously owned by CougarGT
  3. PuckPuck: PuckPuck: 3L Oval Port Heads and Intake. PnP Heads, 19# Injectors, UNI-Chip ECU, Wet Nitrous System Kit (75-100 shot), SVT Focus Fuel Pump, Oil Cooler, Clevitte 77 Bearings, DMD, Fidanza Flywheel, Centerforce Clutch, Quaife LSD, Zetec Final Drive, Gutted Pre-Cats, YoDude Dual Exhaust.
  4. ov3n: Hybrid 3L w/PNP 2.5L heads/3L Valves/ST220 valve springs/SVT Cams, 19# injectors, SCT Chip, SVT UIM, LIM & TB, MSDS Headers, Brullen Ypipe & High flow cat, Bassani Exhaust, SVT Radiator, Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel.
  5. CougarBoi: Hybrid 3L w/PNP 2.5L heads/3L Valves/SVT Cams, 19# injectors, Street flight Dyno tuned chip, SVT UIM, LIM & TB, MSDS Headers, Magnaflow cat, Trubendz single flowmaster exhaust, fidanza flywheel, centerforce dual friction clutch.
  6. CougarRacinChic: TBA - Work In Progress
  7. Tigger: TBA - Work In Progress
  8. FastCougar: Forged internal full 3L (9.0:1 Diamond Pistons and Pauter Rods), Clevite 77 Tri-Metal main and rod bearings, "Monster" Kinger F/I cut & P&P, 2.5L SVT cams, MAX honed 2.5L UIM, 70mm Throttle body, 80mm MAF, #42 Ford racing injectors, SPEC Stage 3 clutch, SVT flywheel, 90A urethane solid roll restrictors, SS MSDS Headers, stock exhaust, Terry Haines modified transmission: updated "roller" forks, keyed tower, keyed gears, Moly coated gears, Torsen LSD, Royal Purple oil and trans fluid. - Parted out :(
  9. Maverickflyer: 3.0L w/oval port heads ported to match split-port LIM, ported exhaust to match headers, Clevite rod bearings, SVT cams, 19lb. injectors, SVT UIM, SVT LIM, SVT TB, SVT Radiator, Modine Aluminum Oil Cooler, DMD, MSDS headers, MSDS Y-pipe, Trubendz test pipe, Borla split rear catback, SCT chip, 5L8Z oil pan, Fidanza flywheel, SVT clutch, Terry Haines trans: updated forks, tower, Quaife LSD, Royal Purple oil and trans fluid.
  10. jaged: Full escape motor, Escape UIM/LIM, 24 lb/hr injectors. SCT chip. SVT flywheel, clutch, PP. WR Headers, custom side exhaust with borla muffler, B&M Shifter.
    - Previously owned by Mtang4life
  11. Mike: 3.0 L Hybrid (2004 Escape block), P&P 2.5 heads with 3L valves, ST220 springs, SVT Cams, Clevite main and rod bearings, Torsen LSD, SPEC Stage 1 Clutch and Aluminum Flywheel, 19# Injectors, ADC Chip, MSDS Headers, Max-Honed UIM, Optimized SVT TB, Magnaflow main cat, Magnaflow single exhaust, SVT Radiator.
  12. BobKaBob: TBA - Work In Progress
  13. Rikenbomb: Hybrid 3L w/PNP 2.5L heads/3L Valves/SVT Cams/Clevite rod bearings/Upgraded piston pin bushings, 19# injectors, SVT ECU, Apexi SAFC tuning, Max-honed ST200 UIM, SVT LIM & TB, MSDS Headers, Custom 3" exhaust (hi-flow Carsound cat to the back of a 3" Borla ProXS muffler then down to 2.5" Magnaflow resonated Trubendz), DMD, SVT Radiator, Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, 3L oil cooler
    - Previously DanG's setup
  14. 10ktgold: full 3.0 swap from a 04 escape, 99 taurus intake manifold, brazed fuel rail, 24lbs injecters, 3.0 tb, cai, gutted cats, removed silencer, flowmaster 40 series, 100shot of nitrous with a zex dry kit, remote bottle opener.
  15. fordrule: TBA - Work In Progress
  16. Echoman: It's a 99 with a 2000 3L block, Spec stage 3 clutch, fidanza flywheel, 24# injectors, weapon R headers wrapped in copper coated fiberglass, svt cams, 2.5 p&p'd heads with uppgraded springs and 3L valves, ADC chip, high-flow cat, cold-air intake, clevite bearings, optimized TB and bored MAF housing.
  17. doublebacker4l69: 99' (return) MTX with CC Stage II clutch, 3.0 UIM/LIM, true #24 injectors, short-ram intake, WR Headers/Y-pipe, CC test pipe, TruBendz 3 inch catback w/ Borla muffler.
  18. mond12345: 3L w/PnP 3.0L Heads, Split Ported, ST220 Valve Springs, SVT Cams, Clevite Rod Bearings, 19# Injectors, SVT UIM, SVT LIM & TB, MSDS Headers, MSDS Y-pipe, Trubendz SS Test Pipe, Trubendz 2.5” Magnaflow Cat-back, DMD, UnderDrive Pulleys - Power Steering & Alternator, 5L8Z Oil Pan & Pick-up, Torsen LSD, Updated Shift Forks, SPEC Stage 3 Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, 160 Degree Thermostat, SVT Radiator, SVT Oil Cooler, Metal Impellor Water Pump, Battery Relocation with Optima Red Top, Moroso Battery Box.
  19. StealthyWeasel: 2002 Sable 3L Block, 3L PnP Heads (Done by me), SVT UIM/LIM/TB, SVT Cams, WR SS Headers/Y Pipe, Gutted High-Flow, Magnaflow 2.5" Catback, 3" BAT Intake, 19# Oranges, SVT Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, 2002 Euro MTX-75, B1 Gearset, Quaife LSD, 4.06 FD, Energy Suspension Front RR Inserts, SVT Rear RR, PF Street Link TQ Brace.
  20. Topik: Forged internal full 3L (9.5:1 Diamond Pistons and Pauter Rods), Clevite 77 Tri-Metal main and rod bearings, "Monster" Kinger F/I cut & P&P, CSVT cams, Garrett T3/4 60 trim .82A/R liquid intercooled ADC turbo w/water cartridge, Jet-hot coated pipes, TurboXS RFL BOV, Tial 60mm wastegate, SPEC Stage 3, SVT flywheel, Torsen LSD, 90A urethane solid roll restrictors, 3" exhaust, 3" hi-flow cat, 3" Borla ProXS muffler, split to a 2.5" SS Trubendz Mangaflow resonated dual exhaust, Greddy Profec-B SPEC II boost controller, Apex'i Turbo Timer.
    - Previously owned by the DanG
  21. docfeelgood111: 01 ford taurus motor, nautilus LIM, extrude honed svt UIM, pro-flow maf, 19lb svt green injectors, msds headers and Y-pipe, 2.5" trubendz exhaust, 40 series flowmaster, x-cal 3. Trans: built by TH , ss forks, keyed shift tower, quaife. Suspension: omp fstb, st200 rstb, konis, roush lowering springs, 24mm rear sway bar, ati rear subframe, stangkiller tubular front control arms.
  22. dingomansvt: 02 sable motor, SVT UIM, SVT LIM, AEM short ram intake, custom catback.
  23. michcougar: 2005 Taurus full 3L w/ SVT cams, 21lb injectors, clevite bearings, MSDS headers, Magnaflow 2.5 exhaust, Fidanza flywheel, Spec stage 3 clutch, Quaife LSD and a Nautilus performance tune.
  24. Spridget: 2001 Taurus short block w/ PNP SVT (heads, cams, LIM, oil cooler, radiator, air box with K&N filter, flywheel), Mondeo ST220 3L throttle body, 24# injectors, Extrude Honed 2.5L UIM, DMD, Magnecor ignition wires, Screamin' Demon coil, MSDS headers, BAT high flow cat y-pipe, TruBendz 2.5" stainless MagnaFlow cat back, Sachs clutch, Terry Haines pre-98 rod shift, Quaife TBD, 3.83:1 FDR, 94A urethane mounts and roll restrictors.
  25. zpuhalla: 2005 Sable Full 3L, MSDS Headers, Trubendz y-pipe and 2.5 Flowmaster Catback, KAAZ LSD, LUK Clutch. Custom SRI. 24 lb Injectors, Tuned by NPG.
  26. jonsalty:2002 XR cougar, 04 oval port taurus 3L, SVT cams, SVT radiator, escape oil pan, DMD crank pulley, 24lbs injectors, ST220 UIM, 65mm TB, NPG CAI, wrapped MSDS headers, MSDS y-pipe, EXD flex pipe, trubendz gutted hi-flo cat, magnaflow 3 chamber muffler, 2.5" cat back w/ dual exit, 80A poly filled mounts, SVT flywheel, clutchnet six puck clutch, quaife LSD, royal purple fluids, NPG tune.
  27. JFBP4991: 2005 Sable full 3L, blocked off EGR, custom Throttle Body, MSDS Headers, Trubendz Y-Pipe with Magnaflow Hi-flow Cat, NGK Iridium Spark Plugs, LUK Clutch kit, lightened flywheel, Custom SRI, 19# injectors, custom fuel rail mod, full custom SCT Chip dyno tune, SynchroMax MTX fluid.
  28. BlackBetty: 04-05 Taurus motor ported (3Lduratec/Blackcoog), SVT UIM/LIM/TB, 3L Cams, #19 injectors, Luk/SVT Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, GMK intake, Weapon-R SS coated headers, MSDS coated Y-pipe, 2.5" exhaust, Dynomax resonator, Dynomax Ultra Flo Welded muffler with test pipe, Torsen LSD, 94A filled front/rear RR's, ASP UD Pulley, XCal II NPG tune.
  29. Jasonspero: 2005 Sable full 3L, With EGR, MSDS Headers, CatCo Hi-flow Cat, Bosch Iridium Spark Plugs, LUK Clutch kit, SVT flywheel, 21# injectors, Escape Fuel Rail, Breenspeed tune, SynchroMax MTX fluid.
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