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my 1998 contour SVT

untuned #'s here. mods list includes:

2005 sable long block

2005 Taurus upper and lower intakes
modified 2005 escape fuel rail (thanks blackcoog)
Nautilus fuel rail mod (-6 AN feed line)
MSD dis-4 ignition
9mm FRPP wires
WR stainless headers
WR stainless Y pipe
3 bolt flex pipe w/ 2.5" trubendz test pipe
2.5" trubendz catback
Lightning airbox
80mm maf housing w/ stock sensor installed
AC deleted
EGR deleted.

since this dyno: 90mm maf housing, 65mm TB w/ remote IAC, K&N drop in filter will tune next tuesday, i'll update the post with the new numbers :)

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