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i take out the orange reflector in the headlights(2001), i think someone on this board did it awhile ago , just to make thr front all white,

i dunno i'm clueless on how whether

its illegal

dumb ,

or could cause harm to me or my cat <seeing how i don't understand how people will know i'm turning

if someone could get back to me i'd greatly appreciate it


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Well, to my knowledge you would have to cut open the assembly to be able to get to it and then properly reseal the assembly. As for the turning, on my 01 Zn that is not the part that flashes when you turn. If you look into your assembly there are like 4 different spots that house lights. The first is where your High and mini light are located (open area) the second with the opaque looking lense is your normal beam, next to that is where the turn signal is located, it is the second circle in the assembly. Finnaly is the orange cover you are speaking of with the parking light.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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