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2.5 Oil change hack

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I think you’ve lost the battle on keeping that area free of oil.
SVT oil cooler is a leaky sumbitch.
just run a remote cooler up in front of the radiator
Yeah it's on the list. A sandwich plate would probably be half the thickness of the SVT cooler, and not as leaky.
then you can remote the oil filter as well and make it super easy to change, no mess
I just wouldn't trust all those rubber hoses under there with both a remote filter AND a cooler. Maybe if they were braided -AN lines - but that's getting pricey.

EDIT: I'm trying to picture how the lines would run, and I'm seeing difficulty no matter how you do it. To the left you're passing the FEAD, which would be a catastrophic failure if the belt breaks and slices a line. To the right, you have to run behind the exhaust manifold, which hampers the "cooling" aspect.

How do people do these things?
ive done it for quite some time now lol.

the oil cooler mounts to the core support. the oil filter is mounted to the flat part of the subframe on the drivers side. so it hides the filter. with the accusump it makes an oil change 8 quarts

I know thats a bad description but it works.
Looks like a Taurus pan. - Should run escape.
Any reason? I tried an Escape one a while back and it was too shallow for the oil pickup. Stuck with the pan off the Sable 3l since it was baffled as well.
Yep that is the pan that came on my Taurus 3.0. I think it has a bad gasket so perhaps I should look at an escape unit when I find time to fix that?

The 2.5 oil pickup wouldn’t fit on the 3.0, so I had to use the 3.0 pan to clear the 3.0 pickup.
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