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My wife has an '01 V6 Zn with automatic. We've had it four years with no problems, 75K miles, zero mods. I've never driven it extensively until this past week, and I noticed a very specific problem:

When accelerating hard from a stop, the engine hits about 4500-5000 rpm, the RPM just stabilizes, then drops a few hundred rpm before the shift to second happens. All of this happens with the accelerator to the floor.

It's very unsettling, to be driving at a constant speed with the rpms just hanging there. Could this be a transaxle issue? It feels like maybe it's not shifting like it should. Does timing retard or something just before an upshift? I'm wondering if it isn't the fuel pump, it's never been replaced under the recall, however there is no sputter, misfire, or hesitation, it's like a "soft" rev limiter kicking in and causing the rpm to drop with the accelerator to the floor.

Edit: also, there are no CELs.
Edit: Doing search and reading up on IRMC.
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