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1999 Mercury Cougar manual shifting cables

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I would like to ask if anyone knows how I can find the shifting cables for my 1999 manual 4 cylinder mercury cougar VIN

I have been looking for these cables for over 6 months. I greatly appreciate any assistance.
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It is discontinued by Ford, like most things. No more exist.

Used, or someone hoarding parts is the only option.
Thank you. I am looking for used no new one is available as you mentioned.
A transmission shop may be able to source new ones. I had a quote for 300 to replace them.
Can you please provide me with the contact information? Thank you
Here you go

Hirst Transmission Specialists
(850) 517-3459
Damn. I replaced mine some years ago and threw out the originals. :(
Where did you get yours from ?

Better off going to a u-pull junkyard.
Can not find it anywhere?
If you can't find it there I'd suggest calling different dealers or transmission shops because they have tools for specific and older parts.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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