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1. will 225/40/18 tires change your speedometer and mileage? you have to get front wheel alignments offen ?
3 and also in the near future i plan on the eibach pro kit and ground effects will my ***** still move without scrapping a lot ??

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check out my car

i have 225-40-18 on 18x7.5 rims
i have eicbach pro-kit
i have the RAZZI GFX
it will throw off your speedo by like 1MPH, thats it, 225 is not much higher than 215

i got an alignment after the suspension, but thats it, and the same rules apply, no need for another alignment unless you hit a bump hard or something.

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Hi... for the speedometer change check out this usefull link:
Tiresize calculator
Compared with the 215/50-16 stock tires the difference will be about 2.5%...
Have fun
Greetings from germany
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