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...And My Exhaust Setup...

Just postin' up what we have. These pics were taken with my cell phone at night, so excuse the quality...

The idea is this: I had the entire system set up as it would be bolted to the Y-pipe. We took a piece of 3/4" plywood and nailed a 2x4" to it longways... Then, we drilled two holes in it exactly where the matching bolt holes are in the cat flange, and bolted the cat to the 2x4" to hold it steady:

Then I took some finishing nails and marked each point of the system at the important parts (hanger location, guide along the pipe, muffler location, flanges, etc):

Then, using the guides, we spliced in the 3" pipe we'll be using, cutting the correct angles we need with a chopsaw:

Here we show the location of the flanges that are exactly where the stock cat bolts in- This retains the "modular" style of the exhaust, and makes for good practice:

Here's the swedged reducer on the back of my Borla ProXS 3" muffler, where it'll be welded to the remainder of the stainless Trubendz:

And finally, the whole jig, ready to be tack-welded by my welder (same one who did the gorgeous work on my 3L block) and test-fitted to ensure everything's right:

We pick it up tomorrow for a test fit.
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