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02 Cougar XR multiple codes

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Hello , new member here I’ve been doing a lot of digging around and I found this to the best spot for me to ask and get some opinions. I recently bought a Cougar 02 XR 82k miles and the engine light is on and I’ve been having some issues with it, first thing I noticed is that it was hesitating around 40mph / 4000 rpm . I’ve looked and it’s possibly the IMRC but I’m not sure.

Another issue I noticed ( First and Third Picture ) was the intake pipe was covered with duct tape so I took it out and it looks like they replaced it themselves I looked up stock year of the car it doesn’t look like this, but I did replace it. ( Fifth Picture )
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P0300 (Multiple Cylinders misfire)
P0303 (Cylinder 3 Misfire)
P0172 (Bank 1 too rich)
P0175 (Bank 2 too rich)
P1152 & P1132 ( I don’t know but research says Heated Upstream Oxygen Sensor Switch ) (HO2S?)

I’ve replaced the EGR sensor and MAF sensor.

I’m going to get a tune up Monday and honestly I’m not sure on what to do first besides spark plugs / wires if anyone has any suggestions that would be amazing. I’m honestly not very good with cars anything helps!
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I use the e3 spark plugs and ngk wires and I don't get misfires.
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I have had the e3 for about 6months but will probably check them this weekend and see how they look. I tend to do a tune up at least twice a year since it's quite easy to do and also doesn't cost an arm and a leg to do. The main reason I use the e3 is because of the fact I use 93 non ethanol fuel and e3 burns hotter.
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