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  1. Mercury and not Ford

    You can see the Mercury at right on the image on the trunk of my car now. And yes those are Euro taillights but I will not change those! =)
  2. Audio & Electrical
    I was looking at some picture of Goldies trunk and decided: I would really really like to have subs on the side slots of my trunk instead of consuming my entire trunk and any hopes of folding down my back seats for extra space. Instructions? Tips? Info? Suggestions? Cost? Labor? Materials?
  3. Audio & Electrical
    I tapped into my trunk light to add neon tubing, my question is if I measured the voltage in the trunk wire as 12.72 volts then can I buy a 12v neon tubing accessory without blowing the **** out of my fuse or relay switch?????????
  4. Audio & Electrical
    I have tapped into my trunk light to add neon tubing. The dome light now doesnt work nor does the neons in the trunk light spot. did i blow a fuse?how do i change it if i did blow it? IT's MY 99' BABY COUGAR HELP!! :banghead:
  5. Interior Cosmetics
    I just came across some photos taken while working on my trunk. After 2+ years of having a fullsized spare in the trunk with plans of making some sort of custom floor, I finally got around to it earlier this year. Along with a couple fiberglass sub boxes :) before (minus stock trunk floor)...
1-5 of 5 Results