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  1. WTB: Auto Tranny (Northeast US)

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    2001 Cougar 2.5 ATX I am new to the Cougar family and in the process of buying a car with a bad tranny. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks! ~Chris
  2. MTX filter?

    Is there a filter on my 2000 Cougar MTX tranny. I'm going to change fluid tomorrow and just making sure that there's nothing else besides: Jack up, Drain, Lower, Fill. It's been shifting kinda rough. Say, I'm in 2nd at 4000rpm, go into 3rd and the engagement is unforgivingly rough except for...
  3. MTX shift cables at transaxle

    Okay, I noticed some sloppiness in my shifter a week or so ago, so I checked the shifter itself and all and there's no problem there. My next step was to check the linkages on the transaxle itself. Bingo! As you can see, the piece that actually holds the cable on the stud on the transaxle...
  4. broken front transaxle mount

    first off, did use the search button but seems like noones had this same exact problem. the whole mount assembly is fine but it was not connected to the tranny. upon further inspection the 2 top bolt holes are snapped in off but the lower one is intact. any way to weld the mount to the...