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  1. 2000 3.0L MTX For Sale– Rusted Body

    FS: Vehicles
    Seeing if anyone is interested in purchasing the whole car as-is. Owned the car since 2005, engine swap was done in 2010ish, registered and inspected until 2019, has since sat other than the monthly drive around the driveway. I have been debating getting a replacement shell and/or keeping as a...
  2. Early 1999 V6 cougar 2.5L Auto. trying to make SVT parts work and Need advice on programming

    So i'm new to this site, I got my 1999 v6 2.5l automatic cougar when I was 16 and iv always wanted to make it a SVT. I might of done a half ass job but this is what iv done so far. SVT intake upper and lower, SVT throttle body and hoses, Throttle cable, SVT mass airflow. I have not yet done...
  3. cougar svt stage1 turbo, details

    cougar svt stage1 turbo, details

    masterpower turbo in a svt cougar w/o FMIC
  4. cougar svt stage1 turbo

    cougar svt stage1 turbo

    masterpower turbo in a svt cougar w/o FMIC
  5. SVT tb bracket and cable

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    i know someone has an svt tb bracket and cable laying around they want to sell me... pm me if you do, already got the uim and tb just need the other parts! Thanks