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  1. Total Mobile Audio T12D4P 12" Subwoofer

    FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    The Best of the TMA Subwoofer at a price thats unbeatable. Compare to the JL Audio 12W1v2-8 subwoofer and you relieze what kind of deal your getting. This in brand new and will satisfy anyone looking for more bang and lows for there system for a gracious price of 59.99 + shipping. Total Mobile...
  2. Bazooka

    Audio & Electrical
    Just out of curiosity, what is your opinion on Bazooka Tubed Subwoofers? I might put one in my cougar if I get some good feedback
  3. passenger footwell subwoofer enclosure

    Audio & Electrical
    So, i searched a little so i didnt get flamed on not looking for others ideas. But i didnt find much at all. I know this idea is around in other cars but has anyone made a subwoofer enclosure in the passenger footwell? Like a kick box but without taking up room in foot space. i tracked down i...
  4. Sub poly fill question...

    Audio & Electrical
    I picked up a sub, box, and amp combo off Craigslist for a pretty decent price today. It has poly fill in the box, but I'm wondering if I should remove it. The amp is a Pioneer GM-3000T, which can do 100 watts continuous at 4 ohms. The sub is a JL 12W1V2-4, which according to this page, looks...