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  1. Double DIN nav unit

    Double DIN nav unit that i installed in my cougar and the image that i installed on it for its boot up
  2. FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    The DEH-P6000. A sleek, clean, audio with a amazing display. Suitable for any car system, this top line Pioneer head unit will make the most of any set up for any beginner to professional car stereo. A couple minor starches here and there displayed in the photo but besides that it's close to...
  3. Audio & Electrical
    I'm looking to buy new head unit w/ iPod Compatibly [charge and control from unit with the ipod glove box hidden] Remote Control Green Light Display (or at least buttons) [to match Cougar Interior Dash & Lighting] Open to suggestions. :bowdown: I know, I'm picky. I'm just hoping someone...
  4. Audio & Electrical
    I was looking at some picture of Goldies trunk and decided: I would really really like to have subs on the side slots of my trunk instead of consuming my entire trunk and any hopes of folding down my back seats for extra space. Instructions? Tips? Info? Suggestions? Cost? Labor? Materials?
  5. Exterior Cosmetics
    Simple. My Antenna is looking like garbage at this point. It's cracking, rusting and the spring is now revealed. I'm looking to replace it with shorter one. Suggestions? How To's?
1-5 of 5 Results