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  1. Drivers view, almost

    You guys shared pics of your Cougars, so here's mine. Not much diff, the climate control, a KMh speedometer up to 240. And manual im Ewwro-pea-an after all. =) Talking of which: The Cough-wheel is always this model in Europe regardless of year.
  2. Problems
    Hey im having some trouble getting the steering rack out. I got the two bolts out that hold it down and the two lines. I cant get that cover off that goes over it for who knows what reason. I NEED HELP!! :banghead:
  3. Problems
    Hi guys, I've been lurking but I need advice! My cat is hurting with a few major issues, but it's on the mend. I am just looking for some input on the scary left-to-right play in my steering column, and a leaking sunroof. My suspension is shot, and I know that could be a factor in the...
  4. Problems
    Okay guys, When i hit the brakes the car wants to immediately veer to the left, but the wheel turns slightly to the right, right away to correct it. wthout me touching anything. if i hold the wheel though, the car will just veer to the left. I narrowed it down the right front control arm...
  5. FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    Asking $50.
1-5 of 6 Results