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  1. Switch for Economy vs Sports setting

    Who's got one?
  2. mystery cougar problem HELPP!!!!

    I just got a cougar a few months ago and I need help figuring out whats going wrong! I got a problem with my cougar at high RPM's and when the fuel gague goes to a quarter or below. when I go onto high RPM's, the car feels like it hit a redline or something. If I stay in the high RPM's it gets...
  3. Not an IMRC prob

    Okay, I posted before about an acceleration problem. Now I think I have defined it exactly, but I still dont know how to fix it. When I accelerate, all-out, I can go until about 4th gear, where I hit a wall at 5250 rpm and at 90 mph. I get no faster or slower, just neutral hold at 5250 and 90...
  4. Acceleration problem

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I dont know what I wrong. Okay, this is what happens. I am can be in any gear, and I floor it. The car accelerates at a constant rate with the rpms going up. But sometimes, between 5 and 7, it will randomly stop accelerating. My foot will still be down and the...