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  1. Drivers view, almost

    Drivers view, almost

    You guys shared pics of your Cougars, so here's mine. Not much diff, the climate control, a KMh speedometer up to 240. And manual im Ewwro-pea-an after all. =) Talking of which: The Cough-wheel is always this model in Europe regardless of year.
  2. Antenna Swap

    Exterior Cosmetics
    Simple. My Antenna is looking like garbage at this point. It's cracking, rusting and the spring is now revealed. I'm looking to replace it with shorter one. Suggestions? How To's?
  3. FS: 01-02 Factory OEM CD Player/AM/FM/Cassette

    FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    Hey everyone... I've got an OEM CD Player/AM/FM/Cassette unit (or 2 if the gf still has hers) that I'm looking to sell... Works perfect, looks perfect.... pm me with offers or questions... or email me at [email protected] Thanks Max
  4. Factory Radio From 1999

    FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    Factory stereo from my 99 cougar. PM for pics. Make offer