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  1. im lost cant figure my cat out

    :banghead:all right here is the issue i got a 99 cat that died while driving and now she wont start, has a cel light on but did a scan and it pulled no codes, it will crank but not start at first it was a fuel issue but i replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump, i can hear it prime and now it...
  2. Cougar Down [Fuel Pump?]

    My Cougar has been making a juke/bucking movement as i accelerate as if I was low on gas. It's only every now and then but it's enough for me to worry.. I can't see this being a simple fix but i'd rather fix it before i find myself waiting on the highway for a tow truck.. Any ideas what's going...
  3. Nozzle replacement

    How To's
    I HAVE LOST MY HOOD WINDSHIELD SPARY NOZZLE. :banghead: You can only imagine how much of a pet peeve this is. I 've been looking for awhile now and I still have no clue where to replace it. I've found a bunch of back nozzles but nothing for the front. I just want the exact same, stock, cougar...
  4. Header bolt?

    okay so i put my msds headers on awhile back. Today i was driving down the road and hear a metal sound hit my car and i was like holy ****! then my exhaust just roars and i freaked. I immediately pulled over and hopped out to see if my damn header fell or some ****. well I looked under i see...
  5. Overheating Issue

    Hey guys. My car has an overheating problem. When the car is idiling, the needle will start to reach the red zone but when I drive the car and air gets into the engine, the needle goes back to half way where it should be. The car doesnt even have to be on for long. Once the car is warm enough...
  6. Am I going to need a rebuild for my transmission.

    I have a 1999 mercury cougar 2.5 V6, the other night I was stuck in a snow bank and was rocking the car to get it out by shifting from reverse to drive. All of a sudden when I shifted the car in to neutral the front right tire and only the front right tire would begin spin forward with no gas...
  7. Speedometer

    Hi guys im new to the forum and a new cougar owner i just bought a 99 mercury cougar a little over a week ago its a 2.5 v6 5 speed with 47,000 miles on it so far i love the car the only problem that i am having with it is the speedometer is acting up first it started by jumping up when i would...
  8. E-brake

    Okay, how do I fix this problem. I noticed yesterday that when I pull my e-brake, it is supposed to lock the back tires, but on my cougar, the e-brake only locks the left rear tire. The right rear spins freely. What do I do to fix this? I just found this problem when rotating my tires. I have...
  9. Acceleration problem

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I dont know what I wrong. Okay, this is what happens. I am can be in any gear, and I floor it. The car accelerates at a constant rate with the rpms going up. But sometimes, between 5 and 7, it will randomly stop accelerating. My foot will still be down and the...