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  1. Engine light on!!!!!1

    After i installed my Weapon R intake my engine light went on and i have noticed it has been restricting performance. Can someone please help me out and give me ideas of what to do. PS. i got it scanned and it said the air was too lean
  2. what brands?

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    I recently bought a 2000 mercury cougar with the 2.5L duratec v6. I am new to this car and I was just wondering what kind of brands to look into as far as performance goes. any info would be great! thanks alot :biggrin:
  3. Once apon a time

    New Member Introductions
    . . .I was 16 the year was 2000, with about 10k to spend for my first car. the import tuner scene was in full swing and i wanted in. i headed to different dealerships for a 240sx, maybe a civic, those focus svt's were pretty smoking hot as well. when i stumble on a spruce green mettalic 1999...
  4. Stock 2002 cougar c2(2.5 v6)....wanting to add performance upgrades......need help

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hi, I have a bone stock 2002 Mercury Cougar C2. Its a 2.5 V6 with an automatic transaxle(only downside.) I really want to beef up the performance without braking my poor high school student bank. Ive been looking at cold air/ram air intakes but dont know which to pick. I also really want to do...
  5. 2gb pny optima ddr2 ram

    FS: Non Automotive
    2GB PNY DDR2 RAM For Desktop PCs Need to upgrade your pc? The simplest modification you can do is add more RAM to your computer without going big like changing processors. This bar of RAM was used for 2 months in a slim tower HP I had picked up at rent-a-center as a temporary replacement. The...
  6. Help me choose exhaust

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Ive had my cougar for 2 years and love it, dark green with a carbon fiber hood. but i want to give it more power and better sound so im looking at exhaust kits. whats recomended?