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  1. Problems
    Okay, things have reached a head, my car has begun to have a problem staying at idle. Background: Last year, or earlier, my car began to pull occasional 0420 and 0430 Codes. I've had occasional problems with RPM climbing that is probably related to a sticky IACV. However, it's been so...
  2. Problems
    Hello, My name is Matt and i have a 2001 cougar auto, 2.5 l with 106 k on it To the point I have a very strange sound coming from the car. Its in the front and sounds like a belt noise like err errt if that helps. It only happens in first shifting to second (auto trans). I have replaced my...
  3. Problems
    When I press the brake pedal, no matter how light, I hear a clunking sound behind the passenger side rear seat area. Sounds kind of like the door locks engaging. When I release the brake I hear it again. Nothing rolling around in the truck :tongue: Is there some type of automatic seat belt...
1-3 of 3 Results