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  1. Audio & Electrical
    I want to uprgade to HIDs, and Ive heard good things about the VVME HID kits. The Standard 9006(HB4) [this] is what i want, right? also, does this include the set for both lights, or do i need to buy two? also, i'm 16 and have little car or electrical experience, how hard will this be to...
  2. Problems
    This just happened to me yesterday...only the green light for the temperature/ miles to empty/ km per mile, etc screen on the dashboard burned out. I can't see any more problems. Is this simply a fuse replacement or does anything more have to be done? If it is a fuse replacement, which one...
  3. Problems
    Ok, well my cigarette lighter stopped working I think. I push in the actual lighter into the socket and it never heats up or pops back out like it did before. The socket doesnt seem to be getting power because my phone charger doesn't work either. My question to all of you is what you think...
  4. rear end

    rear profile
1-4 of 4 Results