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  1. Mercury and not Ford

    You can see the Mercury at right on the image on the trunk of my car now. And yes those are Euro taillights but I will not change those! =)
  2. Audio & Electrical
    The screen that shows temp, mpg, miles remaining: the bulb(s) are dead. I did some quick research and I think the #194 Bulbs is what I'm looking for to replace them? If I'm wrong please tell me but thats not my top concern: Is this a home replacement or should I get this done professionally?
  3. Exterior Cosmetics
    I need to replace my rear license plate display light bulb. Where do I go and what do I ask for when I get there?
  4. How To's
    I put this together a few years back. I figured I would share it with the community. If you have any questions, feel free to post!
  5. Audio & Electrical
    I tapped into my trunk light to add neon tubing, my question is if I measured the voltage in the trunk wire as 12.72 volts then can I buy a 12v neon tubing accessory without blowing the **** out of my fuse or relay switch?????????
1-5 of 5 Results