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  1. Mercury and not Ford

    Mercury and not Ford

    You can see the Mercury at right on the image on the trunk of my car now. And yes those are Euro taillights but I will not change those! =)
  2. Audio & Electrical
    The screen that shows temp, mpg, miles remaining: the bulb(s) are dead. I did some quick research and I think the #194 Bulbs is what I'm looking for to replace them? If I'm wrong please tell me but thats not my top concern: Is this a home replacement or should I get this done professionally?
  3. Exterior Cosmetics
    I need to replace my rear license plate display light bulb. Where do I go and what do I ask for when I get there?
  4. How To's
    I put this together a few years back. I figured I would share it with the community. If you have any questions, feel free to post!
  5. Audio & Electrical
    I tapped into my trunk light to add neon tubing, my question is if I measured the voltage in the trunk wire as 12.72 volts then can I buy a 12v neon tubing accessory without blowing the **** out of my fuse or relay switch?????????