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  1. Documenting Progress

    Documenting Progress

    Just keeping my pics online to document my progress with the 99' Cougar.
  2. Documenting Progress

    Documenting Progress

    I'm no body man, but a boat trailer had hit the Cougar long ago, but I just came with a $5 toilet plunger and sucked the dent out as much as I could. Looks way better than it did.
  3. Documenting Progress

    Documenting Progress

    Took the Cougar to the car wash and hosed down the engine bay, nice difference!
  4. Interior Cosmetics
    How should I go about changing the color of my gauges? I can't stand the green anywhere in my interior, i'd switch it all if i could.
  5. Interior Cosmetics
    I am currently painting my interior and I am having difficulties removing the circular air vents and the silver surround on them. I already broken one of the rear sliders that blocks airflow of the vent, I am not wanting to break anything else. Please help if you can . Thanks in advance...
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