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  1. Documenting Progress

    Just keeping my pics online to document my progress with the 99' Cougar.
  2. Documenting Progress

    I'm no body man, but a boat trailer had hit the Cougar long ago, but I just came with a $5 toilet plunger and sucked the dent out as much as I could. Looks way better than it did.
  3. Documenting Progress

    Took the Cougar to the car wash and hosed down the engine bay, nice difference!
  4. Interior Cosmetics
    How should I go about changing the color of my gauges? I can't stand the green anywhere in my interior, i'd switch it all if i could.
  5. Interior Cosmetics
    I am currently painting my interior and I am having difficulties removing the circular air vents and the silver surround on them. I already broken one of the rear sliders that blocks airflow of the vent, I am not wanting to break anything else. Please help if you can . Thanks in advance...
1-6 of 6 Results