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  1. A/C electrical problems, vent control issues

    Hello all, This is my first post. I'm a new Cougar owner, actually by accident...I just returned from Iraq and purchased a new home for the family, I also needed a new car to get to work but with the mortgage in process of closing I couldn’t touch the credit so I went out and bought what I...
  2. My new headlights

    Exterior Cosmetics
    I painted my headlights and put LED halos in them. Tell me what u guys think. I only took pics of the left one bc the right one wasnt sealed enough and when i washed my car it got realllllllllllllllllly fogggy... haha anyways here ya go
  3. I crashed my Coug. Fawk.

    Road Tales
    Soooo flag me or do whatever for me double-posting (here and WTB), but I'm devastated. I crashed my coug into the front of a stupid service truck (who thankfully didn't think there was any damage to his vehicle so drove away) and destroyed my 01 headlights, hood, front bumper cover, grill, etc...
  4. WTB: 01-02 Headlights, Hood, Grill, Fr Bumper Cover

    WTB: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    Just like it says...I crashed my baby yesterday and I'm HOPING that they don't total it out. Body shop estimate at $4k+ :( My cougar is a black '01 but I'll take a hood/bumper of a different color if the price is good. I need: 01-02 headlights Front bumper cover Hood (+ latch/hardware if you...
  5. I'm making Custom Headlights that are "Shaved" into the bumper, what you guys think?

    Exterior Cosmetics
    I'm making Custom Headlights that are "Shaved" into the bumper, what you guys think? Hi, I have started something unique from my stand point. I'm sure something like this has been done before and I have been looking for it and only found 2 instances where someone actually did something really...
  6. Parting Out: Black 99 Leather Interior

    FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    I have a black 99 cougar that i took some parts out of, and i can part out the rest, post what you want and we can make an arrangement. I kept the engine and transmission, but i have a spare engine with 130000 miles on it. Also, the driver side door and windsheild was smashed in, but luckily...