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  1. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    i have a 99 cougar 2.5 v6 with a blown head gasket, i was told it was the front bank, due to time and budget my dad says we are only going to replace the blown head gasket, i have been all over the internet trying to figure what head gasket typically blows on this engine, my dad says that with...
  2. Problems
    Ok i was driving and was being stupid and forgot to shift outta first and i blew a headgasket. there is oil in the coolant tank and is like blue and green color. I have no idea where the headgasket is or how to flush the coolant tank. WHAT DO I DO???
  3. FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    The DEH-P6000. A sleek, clean, audio with a amazing display. Suitable for any car system, this top line Pioneer head unit will make the most of any set up for any beginner to professional car stereo. A couple minor starches here and there displayed in the photo but besides that it's close to...
  4. Audio & Electrical
    I'm looking to buy new head unit w/ iPod Compatibly [charge and control from unit with the ipod glove box hidden] Remote Control Green Light Display (or at least buttons) [to match Cougar Interior Dash & Lighting] Open to suggestions. :bowdown: I know, I'm picky. I'm just hoping someone...
1-4 of 4 Results