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  1. My Cougar progess

    replaced my interior seats with 35th anniversary ones.
  2. My Cougar progess

    replaced rear hatch. It looked like someone had backed into something so I replaced it with a white one. and tail light covers (for now)
  3. My Cougar progess

    Just bought it! No headlights (or wiring harness), fog lights, center caps, non working sun roof, hatch- someone backed into something, no a/c some type of transmission issue I think? All is now been fixed except the transmission issue & a/c.
  4. Exterior Cosmetics
    Hey whats up. I don't know if anybody else is having this problem but right underneath the hatch window on my 2001 Cougar it is rusting. The whole bottom of the window seems to move when closing the hatch which would explain how the rust got there. I tried pushing on the window a little to get...
  5. Audio & Electrical
    Hello, guys. I just bought my 99 Cougar 5 days ago and absolutely love it. I'm having trouble with my hatch release, though. The interior switch and the button on my remote are ineffective. There's no noise or anything. I have to use my key every time I want to access my hatch. Any suggestions...
  6. Problems
    The button inside to pop the trunk does nothing. The button on the remote doesnt do anything either. i mean it makes no noise or anything, its like its not trying. :mad: i need help!!!!
1-6 of 6 Results