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  1. Looking For: 17" 40th, XR or ZN wheels

    WTB: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys, i have a 2002 C2 with the 16s and I like the look yet I want something just a little bigger. Ive been looking and ive decided that if I could find some, I would like to buy the 17's from either the 35th, the XR, or the ZN. I would be willing to pay a resonable price for them. Also, if...
  2. Looking for halo/angel eyes, clear/smoked side markers or hid kits

    Exterior Cosmetics
    Hey guys, Im 16 and slowly trickin out my coug. I would REALLY like halo/angel eye headlights but i havent been successful in findin them. Does anybody know of a website or place that sells them? Im also interested in clear/smoked side markers and a good HID kit. Thanks for your time.