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  1. Road Tales
    Soooo flag me or do whatever for me double-posting (here and WTB), but I'm devastated. I crashed my coug into the front of a stupid service truck (who thankfully didn't think there was any damage to his vehicle so drove away) and destroyed my 01 headlights, hood, front bumper cover, grill, etc...
  2. Us Grill

    Pics of the US style front grill
  3. Us Grill

    Pics of the US style front grill
  4. Exterior Cosmetics
    What do you guys think would make a good grill? I know Wings West, I think it is, has a pretty nice looking grill, but I was thinking of constructing my own instead of buying one. A. because I have the skills and the know how to be able to make anything I want and... B. It would be far cheaper...
  5. FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    This is the OEM front grill off my 99 European Cougar. I'm selling it because I've bought a Mercury grill instead. It's used but in excellent condition. $50.40 OBO shipped to anywhere by USPS Priority mail. Let me know if interested.
1-5 of 6 Results