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  1. 2002 Cougar C2 2.5 ATX...1st car...looking for cheap but effective mod ideas

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hey guys. Im a junior and HS and have a 2002 C2 with a 2.5 ATX. Im crazy about cars and want to trick this one out but i love the body lines so nothing crazy. Seeing as the 2.5 isnt exactly the fastest engine, performance mods would be rather useless. I would like an exhaust system, probably one...
  2. WTB Exhaust manifold with turbo flange.

    WTB: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    if any 1 has an exhaust mani with turbo flange send it my way please !! 96002,CA 2.5v6 atx
  3. Inlet/Outlet size for muffler replacement

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hey guys, got a question. I'm going to buy a Flowmaster Super 44 for my 99 w/2.5 a week from today. I found a lot of good info to point me in the right direction as far as my choice for a replacement, but I can't find the size for the inlet/outlet. This is going on stock pipes, by the way. Is it...
  4. Exhaust setup sound good?

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Alright so I just received my trubendz exhaust (2.5), dual exit for my 99 cougar. Remember this, I'm not the greatest with exhaust but I also got a Magnaflow 5inch round straight through muffler. With this setup, would it sound like a fart can? I also have two other questions. The hangers that...
  5. Maryland Inspection questions/concerns

    1.I was just wondering if my car will still pass inspection with catback exhaust as long as the catalytic converter is still installed? 2. Also I just got a drift body kit and for the front bumper to be installed I had to remove the 5mph safety bumper. Is that going to be an issue? If so this...
  6. How To: Double Exhaust

    How To's
    I've decided that I like the stock exhaust so much that I wish to put another matching one on the other side. But How?
  7. Stock 2002 cougar c2(2.5 v6)....wanting to add performance upgrades......need help

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hi, I have a bone stock 2002 Mercury Cougar C2. Its a 2.5 V6 with an automatic transaxle(only downside.) I really want to beef up the performance without braking my poor high school student bank. Ive been looking at cold air/ram air intakes but dont know which to pick. I also really want to do...
  8. Header bolt?

    okay so i put my msds headers on awhile back. Today i was driving down the road and hear a metal sound hit my car and i was like holy ****! then my exhaust just roars and i freaked. I immediately pulled over and hopped out to see if my damn header fell or some ****. well I looked under i see...
  9. Help me choose exhaust

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Ive had my cougar for 2 years and love it, dark green with a carbon fiber hood. but i want to give it more power and better sound so im looking at exhaust kits. whats recomended?
  10. 99 Cougar parts from a parting out in Gardner MA

    New England NECO
    I have doors, exhaust, dash, computer, 2.0 4 cyl engine, some others plastics, rear bumper cover, 3 15" stock rims with tires . Prices negotiable in Gardner MA (978)334-1915
  11. Headers on the way..

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Alright so my birthday is coming up, and i decided to treat myself to some nice msds headers/y-pipe. I've read that these are a PITA to install but i have a decent amount of experience under the hood of cars. I have yet to really mod my cougar (just a SRI) but i have access to a lift and a...
  12. Exhaust-Single or Dual-2.5 or 3 in-Borla,Flowmaster,WeaponR,or Magnaflow

    2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hey, Im looking for an exhaust for my 2.5L V6 Cougar. I am stuck between the exit exhaust for my Cougar: Single exit Dual exit And once I decide that, I need to choose what size piping for it: 2.5 inch 3 inch And once I do that, which kind of exhaust tips should I go with: WeaponR Flowmaster...