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  1. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hi all, my name is David and I believe this is my first post here. Bought myself a nice lowish-milage manual Cougar about 2 month ago. Love the car, but I think it is a bit lacking in the "rev-engine-and-scare-old-ladies" department. Because of this, I have been thinking of installing an...
  2. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hey guys. Im a junior and HS and have a 2002 C2 with a 2.5 ATX. Im crazy about cars and want to trick this one out but i love the body lines so nothing crazy. Seeing as the 2.5 isnt exactly the fastest engine, performance mods would be rather useless. I would like an exhaust system, probably one...
  3. WTB: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    if any 1 has an exhaust mani with turbo flange send it my way please !! 96002,CA 2.5v6 atx
  4. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hey guys, got a question. I'm going to buy a Flowmaster Super 44 for my 99 w/2.5 a week from today. I found a lot of good info to point me in the right direction as far as my choice for a replacement, but I can't find the size for the inlet/outlet. This is going on stock pipes, by the way. Is it...
  5. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Alright so I just received my trubendz exhaust (2.5), dual exit for my 99 cougar. Remember this, I'm not the greatest with exhaust but I also got a Magnaflow 5inch round straight through muffler. With this setup, would it sound like a fart can? I also have two other questions. The hangers that...
  6. Problems
    1.I was just wondering if my car will still pass inspection with catback exhaust as long as the catalytic converter is still installed? 2. Also I just got a drift body kit and for the front bumper to be installed I had to remove the 5mph safety bumper. Is that going to be an issue? If so this...
  7. How To's
    I've decided that I like the stock exhaust so much that I wish to put another matching one on the other side. But How?
  8. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hi, I have a bone stock 2002 Mercury Cougar C2. Its a 2.5 V6 with an automatic transaxle(only downside.) I really want to beef up the performance without braking my poor high school student bank. Ive been looking at cold air/ram air intakes but dont know which to pick. I also really want to do...
  9. Problems
    okay so i put my msds headers on awhile back. Today i was driving down the road and hear a metal sound hit my car and i was like holy ****! then my exhaust just roars and i freaked. I immediately pulled over and hopped out to see if my damn header fell or some ****. well I looked under i see...
  10. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Ive had my cougar for 2 years and love it, dark green with a carbon fiber hood. but i want to give it more power and better sound so im looking at exhaust kits. whats recomended?
  11. New England NECO
    I have doors, exhaust, dash, computer, 2.0 4 cyl engine, some others plastics, rear bumper cover, 3 15" stock rims with tires . Prices negotiable in Gardner MA (978)334-1915
  12. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Alright so my birthday is coming up, and i decided to treat myself to some nice msds headers/y-pipe. I've read that these are a PITA to install but i have a decent amount of experience under the hood of cars. I have yet to really mod my cougar (just a SRI) but i have access to a lift and a...
  13. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Hey, Im looking for an exhaust for my 2.5L V6 Cougar. I am stuck between the exit exhaust for my Cougar: Single exit Dual exit And once I decide that, I need to choose what size piping for it: 2.5 inch 3 inch And once I do that, which kind of exhaust tips should I go with: WeaponR Flowmaster...
1-13 of 13 Results