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  1. FS: Vehicles
    Seeing if anyone is interested in purchasing the whole car as-is. Owned the car since 2005, engine swap was done in 2010ish, registered and inspected until 2019, has since sat other than the monthly drive around the driveway. I have been debating getting a replacement shell and/or keeping as a...
  2. Documenting Progress

    Just keeping my pics online to document my progress with the 99' Cougar.
  3. Documenting Progress

    I'm no body man, but a boat trailer had hit the Cougar long ago, but I just came with a $5 toilet plunger and sucked the dent out as much as I could. Looks way better than it did.
  4. Documenting Progress

    Took the Cougar to the car wash and hosed down the engine bay, nice difference!
  5. Bright Enough..for my 00

    Yelllow 2.5
  6. Bright Enough..for my 00

    Yelllow 2.5
  7. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    After hours of looking threw forums i found some info but not all that i wanted. And because looking threw 20+ pages of replies is to daunting ill ask for help. I have a 01 Zn cougar not sure if i should just keep it or go with an engine swap. From what i've seen 01 dont have alot to choose from...
  8. Exterior Cosmetics
    CONTENTS - April 2009. Front nub removal..early Dremel stage - May 2009. EGR nub removal, 100 grit sanding, removed all visible casting edges, removed nubs on rear main chamber, started hurting myself, me saying ''it won't be much longer, lol" - June 2009. Late 100 grit sanding, most...
  9. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    Alright so my birthday is coming up, and i decided to treat myself to some nice msds headers/y-pipe. I've read that these are a PITA to install but i have a decent amount of experience under the hood of cars. I have yet to really mod my cougar (just a SRI) but i have access to a lift and a...
1-14 of 14 Results