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  1. Door side

    The door of a Coug is wide indeed, and I have thought of doing something with the space.The original speakers replaced by a Fanatic midrange and tweeter combo. I'd like to add a bass and a supertweeter ribbon. But I hesitate to remold the doorsides.
  2. Mats and door sill

    My Cougar will get the Mercury sign on the trunk and the grill from 99Mystique in the front. Only one thing remain. The mats are good with the Cougar brand, but the door sill protectors say Ford. Aargh! Need sills with Cougar or logo here! =)
  3. New England NECO
    I have doors, exhaust, dash, computer, 2.0 4 cyl engine, some others plastics, rear bumper cover, 3 15" stock rims with tires . Prices negotiable in Gardner MA (978)334-1915
  4. WTB: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    hey guys, im kinda new to this but I love my cougar so I thought id ask. anyone selling a drivers side door in good condition? On my way home yesterday i took a corner going a little too fast, hit some ice, and watched as i got closer and closer to a pole which eventually caved in my door. the...
  5. FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    Hello Im parting out 2 black Cougar 99 4 cyls. If you need a particular part that you know is commom to the 99 Cougar let me know call me at (978)870-0033 Headlight 3 availables and 1 broken ( for parts ) . The good ones $135 each Thanks
  6. Problems
    hey guys, i recently got my OWN new cougar (was driving a buddies from time to time before) i love my car...and now i have a problem and im wondering if i should mess with it myself, or have the dealer do it its a 2000, 2.5 V6 Auto i was in richmond,VA went to get some food, when i came back i...
1-6 of 7 Results