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doesn't work

  1. I need SUGGESTIONS about where and HOW to install my TURBO. plz. thanks gents!

    Forced Induction
    Hey to ALL!!! How are you guys doin today? Well, I'm posting this because, quite Frankly, I need Help. Well, I'll give you the information and then ask what you think I should do with it. To start, I have a Complete Garrett T-25 Turbo from a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST that I helped my buddy...
  2. turbo question

    Forced Induction
    what is the smallest turbo we could use on our 2.5 motors... i have a turbo from a WRX that i got for free thats perfect.... i was just wondering because i dont want to buy a super high dollar turbo any info about this/ or the turbo would help me alot. thanks. ~Jameson