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  1. Want To Buy
    Looking for a low mile Melina Blue 99 Cougar. Willing to pay top dollar for a mint one. I’m in Kansas City. Willing to pay to have it shipped to me if it’s the right car.
  2. Day to day exterior

    morning fog rolling over the truck stop I was at to eat breakfast. this was in the first few days I owned it.
  3. Day to day exterior

    Parked at my local college for.. I don't know why. I felt like it. and i'm glad I did! it looks neat.
  4. Day to day exterior

    Self serve car wash
  5. Day to day exterior

    Sunset right after hopping out of a coffee shop on the way to a local car meet.
  6. matte black cougar

    Cougar sitting outside thanksgiving day
  7. dropping my son off at school

    York son to school and took this pic. I love this car!!! Not done with it yet.
  8. cougar reborn

    My cougar after being rear-ended 5 weeks ago. New body kit lights, deck lid, spoiler fenders, led lights
  9. dont make me go pop my hood

    Nothing fancy, just looks
  10. My girls. <3

    My 2000 cougar (black) and my parts 1999 cougar (red one) after a nice refreshing bath.
  11. My cougar

    99' 2.5l auto
  12. 1999 Cougar

  13. Cougar on the move.

    I really wonder if those who made the Cougar would have imagined it might be used on roads like these high in the glacier district - I have a hunch they didn't. :)
  14. Cougar on the move.

    "High in the mountains far away..." ...from most of you guys that's it. I could not choose between the two shots so I added the other taken at the same time. :)
  15. Cougar on the move.

    If someone still wonder why I needed the 18 inch on my cougar have a closer look at the uneven road surface here. A Golf that passed at this point damaged the undercarriage badly the same day.
1-20 of 66 Results