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  1. Garage Talk
    Okay, so the battery in the Impala started leaking and left battery acid around the engine bay. I tried to use engine cleaner (Foamy Engine Bright) to clean it... sprayed it on, let it soak, hosed it off. Big mistake. Now my garage smells like battery acid after the Impala has been sitting in...
  2. Problems
    Hey Guys. So, I just got my car (1999 Cougar, V6, MTX, SVT Lite) from Ohio to Washington for college. After I got out here I tried to do that whole cleaning the UIM without removing it service: So, I went to remove the vacuum lines...
  3. Exterior Cosmetics
    a few weeks ago, i found a great guide to take out my lights, even with pics. ive searched for two days nd no luck, and durr i thought id make a thread. its probably easy, but i want to know what im running into. pics would be great, if not i should get the idea. oh, i need to take off my...
1-3 of 3 Results