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  1. Problems
    Have a 2000 V6 auto w/o ABS, rear drums and front discs. It seems like it doesn't stop as well as it should and everything has been replaced. By everything I mean new/reman: power brake booster (push rod adjusted), master cylinder, front calipers/brackets, rotors, pads, rear drums, wheel...
  2. Fsvt Rotors Vs 278mm Cougar Rotors

    My new 300MM FSVT rotors side by side with my old 278MM R1 Rotors that were warped beyond belief.
  3. Wheels,Tires & Brakes
    Please give some advises in how to remove the rotor form the hub. Nothing seens to work. Is it a one piece with the bearing or what? Thanks
  4. Wheels,Tires & Brakes
    Ever since ive owned my 99 cougar, the e-brake hasnt worked. At first it would hold the wheel, but not enough presure to hold the car in place. Now it doesnt do any thing. Any sugestions as to where the problem lies? and how to fix it. There is little to no presure on the e-brake handle and...
  5. Problems
    Okay, how do I fix this problem. I noticed yesterday that when I pull my e-brake, it is supposed to lock the back tires, but on my cougar, the e-brake only locks the left rear tire. The right rear spins freely. What do I do to fix this? I just found this problem when rotating my tires. I have...
1-5 of 5 Results