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  1. Problems
    I have a 2000 cougar, 2.5L V6. I went to leave today, and when I went to start it I noticed the gauges reset. Kinda weird, but it started and I was on my way. When I went to leave my destination, car started to turn over for a split second, then just stopped. The dash lights went from real...
  2. Problems
    I had a new alternator put in my 1999 2.5 cougar a few days ago. About a day later the car just died while driving. The dash lights went dim, the speedometer, tachometer, and gas gauge went right to 0 and the car lost power. I took the car to advance auto to get the battery tested.. they told me...
  3. Garage Talk
    Hello, it's me, and yes I am still alive. Yes, I still have my cougar. It's -20 without the windchill and my cougar will not start. I can hear the starter trying to start the motor but it just won't go. I just had a new battery put in about a month ago and the connection from the starter to...
1-3 of 3 Results