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  1. General Info
    Hello! I smoke tested my Cougar trying to find a vacuum leak. Three areas have smoke coming out: Intake manifold lines, the throttle body where the springs lead to for the pulley, and the EGR holes (which was replaced a few years ago). My Cougar still idles lean when you put it in drive or...
  2. 2.5L DURATEC Performance
    I drive a fully stock automatic 99' Cougar and whenever I try to smash the gas for quick (reasonable) boost, it always seems to take a moment then the rpms go rocketing up to 4 to 6 without much quick increase in speed. Any idea's why and how to fix it?
  3. Problems
    My 2000 2.5L V6 Auto has about 140K miles and was working perfectly. I had the trans flushed about a year and a half ago but found that the problem was the shifter position sensor. Not a problem since. The other day the trans decided it would no longer shift into O/D. It also is "late"...
1-4 of 4 Results