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  1. 3.0L DURATEC Performance
    A few weekends ago NE-CEG / Mass-Conn NECO had a dyno day which turned out to be a 3L shoot out. Not one stock 2.5L equipped contour or cougar was present. Needless to say Aircougar being the local go to contour/cougar mechanic and all around great guy had a great representation of his work run...
  2. New England NECO
    If anyone is interested in having their car run on the dyno check out this thread on CEG. Dyno Day Poll - CEG Forums We will be going to Enhanced Street Performance in Sterling, Ma. Cost will be $60 for 3 pulls. We need atleast 10 people to make it happen. please post if you will...
  3. New England NECO
    Est. 2006 what is it now 25 motor swaps 4 atx->mtx swaps 2 mtx ->atx swaps Anyway for all contours/mystiques/cougars that where present at the CCSU Car Show yesterday Aircougar Performance was well represented. Out of the seven cars there 6 have had Greg for on them. Also 5 out...
1-3 of 5 Results