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  1. 3.0L DURATEC Performance
    Hello guys! Right now i am in process of buying 2004 Escape with 3.0 to swap it in my mondeo mk2 ST200. I always liked the idea of 3.0 hybrid but found some forums, where ppl were against it with the point that full 3.0 is making more power than hybrid so hybrid is pointelss. So right now i am...
  2. 3.0L DURATEC Performance
    Hello guys! I know, this question is asked 100x per day but i somehow never find the answer i wanted. I have Mondeo ST200 2.5 and I would want 3.0 Hybrid - i already have spare 2.5 engine so there is the opurnity and parts for hybrid. On our side of the ocean, there arent that many of Taurus's...
1-2 of 2 Results